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Data Engineering

Integrating trusted data from multiple sources to better understand your customers.

Are you dealing with large volumes of data from multiple sources? Our Data Engineering team ensures your data streams are connected and accessible for reporting and data analysis so you can better understand your customer and make data-driven business decisions.

Analysing data

How We Can Help with Data Engineering

Our data engineers design, build, and manage big data infrastructures, focusing on the data architecture needed for reporting and keeping data processing systems performing efficiently. 

Agiletek data engineering consulting team consists of database-savvy business intelligence professionals who collaborate with your stakeholders to understand business needs and then map a solution based on your unique organizational requirements.

  • Expertise rooted in practice
    The competencies and skills we have today are the result of over two decades of software development practice. Our portfolio constantly expands with new projects and success stories from our customers, and we stay open to new challenges.
  • Cross-disciplinary talent pool
    Partnering with Agiletek, you can build your project team choosing from over 75+ software engineers, solution architects, business analysts, testing experts, and project managers.
  • Industry knowledge
    We mange software consulting and development projects across multiple industries. Our team Includes experienced business analysts who can effectively translate industry requirements to the language of technical specifications
  • Partnership with global software vendors
    Agiletek is a strategic partner of leading technology vendors, Including ServiceNow, Amazon, Path UI, and more. Our engineers go through regular certification to validate their knowledge of provider's requirements and best practices.
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