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Our experts guide you during every step of your journey, with a growth mindset.


DevSecOps Implementation

We have a myriad of experiences in implementing Agile approaches that evolve your IT organization to adopt all aspects of DevSecOps, automating key tasks and providing clarity into all areas of the software development lifecycle, no matter how complex. With our DevSecOps solutions, Agiletek integrates automation and security into your product pipeline for speedier and secure application development.


Automation & Modernization

Scaling without automation is impossible and we understand how to automate complex processes and ultimately improve your organization's accountability and visibility, leading to noticeable improvements. Our team can also help to validate system requirements and provide measurable results.


Cloud Adoption & Deployments

We've worked on many types of cloud deployment models and understand the importance of taking into consideration the customer's usecases before making recommendations. We've worked on public clouds like Amazon and Rackspace and also on private cloud environments that provide the client with a controlled environment that can fulfill the orgnaization's security and IA requirements.


Strategy & Assessments

It all begins with a thorough assessment of your organization's processes and systems, this gives us a solid foundation to recommend a solutions that is right for you. We work with your team to understand the use cases and pain points key individuals are facing and ensure that these people are well integrated in the final recommendations.

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Agiletek provides licensing and consulting services on entire ServiceNow Platform including deployment, customization, UI / theme development, branding, custom forms, Service Catalogs, build custom workflows, Reporting, administration, health checks, Integration with and support and maintenance services. All the services rendered on ServiceNow platform by Agiletek is done by ServiceNow Certified Engineers.


Application Development

Experienced in all areas of the software development lifecyclce, from programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing; involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks. Focused on Web Applications and Mobile platforms.

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