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We adapt to what works best for each specific client and scenario.

At Agiletek, we don't focus on any one technology, we adapt to what works best for each specific client and scenario.  We aim to also minimize costs for our customers so we try to work with open-source solutions when we can.  Here are some of the technologies we've used on past engagements.

DevSecOps and Cloud

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SNOW HR Service

The ServiceNow HR Service Delivery application improves the employee service experience by automating HR interactions and providing a single platform for all HR services.

Agiletek has experience helping our customers will

all complete ServiceNow HR Service Delivery suite of apps and packages designed to increase HR productivity.

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SNOW SecOps Service

Enterprises are finding it difficult to keep up with manual workflows between security and IT.

Manual processes for responding to security incidents and vulnerabilities, combined with difficulty in finding and retaining security specialists, leave gaps in security programs. In fact, many organizations have an incomplete view of their security posture.


Agiletek helps our customers connect their existing security tools with Security Operations to prioritize and respond to incidents and vulnerabilities according to potential impact on their business.

ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) helps transform inefficient processes across your extended enterprise into an actionable, automated, and integrated risk program.

Security Operations helps organizations connect security and IT teams, respond faster and more efficiently to threats, and get a definitive view of their security posture.

Data Quality and Engineering

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Data Quality and Engineering

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